Moreland Mural Project

I’m honored to be part of the Moreland Mural Project, an initiative to revitalize the Little Five Points area in Atlanta. The selected multidisciplinary artists are all women and each has a unique story, artistic style and commitment to social engagement. Here’s my sketch for my part of the mural project: mural_3-dancers-sketch_2000When I’ve been in the Little Five Points on Euclid Ave, I’ve noticed a strong African influence, both in the stores and the beautiful print clothing I’ve seen people wear. I wanted to convey celebration and energy, and remembered the West African dancers I saw at an Atlanta event a couple of years ago. I pulled out reference photos as inspiration, and used bright color and loose strokes to show movement and spirit.

The murals will be along Moreland Ave, close to the Edgewood retail district. It’s a huge endeavor (machinery, permits etc.) and requires a large fundraising effort. You can donate directly to the project  or buy a really cool t-shirt that supports the effort.t-shirt-image

We anticipate that the mural will being in the spring of 2017.