Classical Women Reinvented

For this series, I played with collage and watercolor to reinvent classical images of the women portrayed in Italian Renaissance art. I wasn’t trying to make a statement…this was really “play” for me. I created these portraits when  visiting Italy with artist Sharon Zeugin. Sharon is a master calligrapher and her influence shows as I incorporated writing and calligraphy. One of the portraits involved simply copying some of the words on the laminated tablecloth in our dining room where we were staying. Most of the paintings use papers from Dante’s Inferno.

To Shame You Come to Your Fame (Italy 1)
“To Shame You Come to Your Fame-Italy 1,” 14″ x 11″, watercolor, gouache, collage papers from Dante’s Inferno (framed 22″ x 18″)
Italy of our Dreams
“Italy of our Dreams (Italy 2),” 14″ x 11″ collage and watercolor (framed 22″ x 18″)
The Pink Bird
“The Pink Bird (Italy 3),” 14″ x 11″, collage, watercolor and colored pencil (22″ x 18″)
Lemons and Dante's Inferno
“Lemons and Dante’s Inferno (Italy 4)”, 14″ x 11″ collage and watercolor (framed 22″ x 18″)