Working in a Series: Drawings

I just finished  Lisa Call’s “Working in a Series” self-paced course. For 10 weeks, I received emails with lots of art inspiration and encouragement for creating a consistent, well-defined series of art. The series I defined for myself was to combine human figures with elements of nature. I was challenging myself not to do straightforward portraits, and to let the natural element be a significant part of the picture. Being the Oct-Nov time period here in Atlanta,  I was especially inspired by the season of autumn. I like the idea of doing a series around seasons, but only got as far as autumn and spring.

This series challenged me to use my imagination and not copy photos. Sometimes I needed a reference and so I was my own model (sometimes using a mirror to draw). Since the idea was complex, I used charcoal and stayed away from color for this initial series. Not every drawing is “successful” but as Lisa says, you just build on the last picture and make more. My goal is to take the most successful drawings and turn those into paintings. The next series ahead!