Working in a Series: Color Studies

I started a new series of work, inspired by Lisa Call’s “Working in a Series” self-paced course. The last few months I explored the idea of combining people with elements of nature, by creating eight drawings in black and white.

Taking it further, I created five color studies in acrylic and oil: small, loose paintings to experiment with color before committing to large canvases.

I loosely based my compositions on five of my stronger drawings. Originally, I was inspired by the idea of seasons, but think I’m actually inspired by the park near my house. The park is a piece of forest with a meandering creek. I walk in there a couple of times a week to tune out the noise of living in a big, crowded city. The giant trees, along with the birds I see—hawks, owls, herons—call my imagination.

These are undeveloped pieces, just studies in color. I’ve chosen a similar color scheme for all of them, even though the compositions are different. From here, I’ll start working on larger paintings.