“The Cell” Inspiration

30” x 24” acrylic and collage (copies from a 1964 Life Science book/tissue/painted papers) coated with UV protectant varnish I bought a set of beautiful Life Science Library books (published 1964) for $20 at a thrift store in Atlanta. Although the content is dated, the writing still gives a great overview of various scientific topics. In one book titled “The Cell,” I was inspired by a small black and white photo of Dr. Jonas Salk, who invented a vaccine forRead more

Moreland Mural Project

I’m honored to be part of the Moreland Mural Project, an initiative to revitalize the Little Five Points area in Atlanta. The selected multidisciplinary artists are all women and each has a unique story, artistic style and commitment to social engagement. Here’s my sketch for my part of the mural project: When I’ve been in the Little Five Points on Euclid Ave, I’ve noticed a strong African influence, both in the stores and the beautiful print clothing I’ve seen people wear.Read more

Sketching in Italy

I was able to spend two weeks in central Italy this fall, assisting an art class with Sharon Zeugin, a master calligraphic artist. Many times I sketched simply in pencil on site, sometimes I used watercolor, which could draw a crowd of curious onlookers. With Sharon’s incredible lettering as inspiration, I also worked on integrating words with my sketches.Read more

My opening art checklist

My studio is in my house and there are numerous distractions to keep me from painting.To get ready for studio time, it helps to have an opening art ritual, to signify that this is a special time, and a time for both focus and creativity. Sometimes I light a candle. Sometimes I do a few stretches. And lately, I go through a short checklist of questions: Am I a comfortable distance from my canvas or paper? Is the angle of myRead more

Painting straight lines

I had a year-long commission to create paintings of various buildings on the Emory University campus. Having not painted many buildings before, I focused in on a unique architectural feature or angle.  I’ve never worried much about precise straight lines in my paintings, but for this project, a straight-edged painting tool from the hardware store was my solution. For the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts, I used text from old programs. The other buildings were all connected with Emory Healthcare, soRead more